Bulls vs Warriors Pregame

So as many of you may not know, I’m a huge Chicago sports fan. I was born in Chicago and went back up there for college. So Chicago sports are what I live for. And since I’m basketball crazy, the Bulls are definitely my favorite team. As we get into this conversation, I promise not to be biased about what I say. Haha

Well tonight’s the night that the Chicago Bulls play the Golden State Warriors in Chicago. The Bulls are in the 3rd spot in the East with a solid 24-16 record. They look to keep pushing and moving up to the 2nd spot in the East very soon. And with an amazing 53-point performance by Jimmy Butler a few night ago, the Bulls feel pretty good right now. With Pau Gasol holding it down as the big man, Bulls look promising in this game. Derrick Rose looks to keep improving as the season goes on. Bulls have been doing a great job this year considering they just got a new coach in Fred Hoiberg, with a style that’s completely opposite of what Coach Tibbs had when he was coach. If the Bulls play together and with the relentlessness they’re known for, they can definitely pull off this win at home.

Jimmy Buckets with 53 points!! BEASTMODE!!

The Warriors are definitely the team to beat though. With an amazing record in 38-4, the Warriors look almost unstoppable. With that moment, I know they be looking to extend that streak and continue to inch closer to the Bulls all time regular season record of 72-10 when Jordan was dominating the game for Bulls. There are many key factors to the Warriors success this year. Coming of an outstanding performance in the NBA Finals last year, they definitely feel like the powerhouse in the NBA this year. The best thing for them right now is their chemistry. They play so well together and that’s hard to beat when they’ve only lost 4 games all season!!

Other reasons why the Warriors are so good:

  • Steph Curry

Curry is RIDICULOUS!! From the logo!!

The boy can shoot from anywhere!!! A three from the logo looks like a layup for everybody else. He’s unstoppable. The kid’s breaking records this year. He will go down as the best shooter ever. I’ve never seen any one shoot or handle the ball with such ease.

With the Warriors way ahead of the pack and the Bulls playing great, this should be a great match up. They played each other back in November. It was a close game, where the Warriors came out on top. The final score was 106-94. This will definitely be a game to watch. Don’t miss it. I know I’ll be watching!!