Patriots vs Broncos for AFC Champs

What a crazy game!! If you tuned in to this AFC Championship game this afternoon, you got a real treat. This game was a battle of the two titans at quarterback. Tom Brady who’s had such an amazing resume and many rings to go with it and Peyton Manning with all time records and a Superbowl win under his belt, as well. The hype of this game was definitely real.


It’s not surprise that the Patriots made it this far. They’ve been on a roll every year for a while now and it looked like no one was going to stop them. After winning the Superbowl last year, we most certainly saw them making it to the Final Four this year. The Broncos were certainly a surprise for me just because of how rough it’s been for Peyton Manning with injuries. I’ve always been a huge fan of Peyton Manning. What he can do with a football it utterly impressive. Being a Chicago Bears fan, it was a bittersweet feeling when Peyton finally got his Superbowl ring in the defeat of Rex Grossman and the Chicago Bears. Actually, I should say the defensive team and special teams. There was never much offense that season, but I digress. The match up between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos was definitely a must watch.


Even with the tale of the two elite quaterbacks, they game turned out to be a defensive bout. Both team defenses stepped it up like no other today. They game was wild through out the entire period. Patriots scored first with a rushing touchdown by Steven Jackson. It was his first career touchdown, which is pretty sweet since it’s in the AFC Championship game. The touchdown was overshadowed by a rarely missed field goal kick. Stephen Gostkowski hadn’t missed a field goal in 9 years and today was the day he finally missed one. The missed extra point turned out to be the Achilles’s heel for the Pats at it turned out. The Broncos didn’t take long to match it with a Manning passing TD. It went back and forth the entire game.


The 4th quarter was insane and almost too crazy to put into words. The Broncos were up 20 to 12 and all they were focused on doing is keeping Tom Brady out of the endzone. The defense was almost perfect and sacking Brady all game and they kept him on his toes even in the 4th. They did everything they could to get Tom Brady off the field. The only problem was that the Broncos offense team couldn’t convert and keep the chains moving. Time after time, they kept giving Brady another chance to tie the game. With Rob Gronkowski out there for Brady to throw to, it was only a matter of time. And on the 3rd try in crutch time, Brady got it to Gronkowski in back to back plays for the touchdown and now the Pats were down by 2 with less the 20 seconds left in the game. The only choice was to go for the 2-point conversion because of the missed field goal in the 1st quarter.


The 2-point conversion ended with an interception and the Patriots realizing they were done. Broncos pulled it off in the end. It was a well-deserved win. The defense showed no mercy and put up one hell of fight against Brady. The Broncos were victorious and Peyton Manning is headed to the Superbowl once again. Should be a great Superbowl in deed. Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to go by quick. Until next time, guys. Hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did.


Here’s a great recap of the entire game: