March Madness is Coming!

So February has begun and you know what that means! Well besides it becoming less cold. I’m definitely hoping it warms up pretty soon. Finger’s crossed for Ground Hog day!! Well besides the weather, the beginning of February means that college basketball is winding down. The Championships games and March Madness are coming!! I’m super duper excited for March Madness. Did I really just say ‘super duper’? Anyways…. March Madness for me, means intense basketball games. Where crazy rivalries come together and battle to the death. Theoretically speaking. March Madness is when you get to see all these small schools across the nation battle their way to the tournament. And of course we always root for the underdog!! Where the team in least place pulls out every ounce of will and knocks out the top seed in the nation. It comes down to one game and that’s what’s so electrifying about it.


March Madness is where the goliaths of college basketball go head-to-head to see who will prevail and end up on top. There’s no mercy here. Go all out for that one game and we can see a small town school beat down a nationally ranked team. Just talking about this gets me all hyped!!! Through out the NCAA season theses teams battle it out and find out where they stand in their conference. There are so many teams, that it can be hard to keep up with these schedules and box scores as the season progresses. If you need to, I recommend going to to catch up on all the scores and rankings. You can find out which teams is ranked #1 overall every week. We all now how crazy the rankings get from week to week. This is where I catch up on highlights and scoreboards without driving myself crazy everyday trying to see the games. Highlights are the best way to catch up on your free time. Even though, from time to time, I do catch games during the regular season. It’s hard to pass up Kansas vs. Kentucky!! They are the behemoths of college basketball and it always gets exciting to watch.

Check out how the game ended. It went into overtime!! What a battle!!


Well I bring up the Kansas Jayhawks because I’m from Kansas and that’s all we got. But don’t be fooled, they are definitely good. If you want to experience a crazy atmosphere, you have to make it to a KU basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse. Being in such an explosive environment will really get your juices flowing. You’ll have a blast as you see the student section get crazy every time there’s a crazy dunk or a tough 3 pointer. You’ll experience first hand what a real college basketball game really feels like. And take my advice: make sure to check out They’ve got the best service that Lawrence has to offer. Take one of their badass limos to the game and you’ll be sure to get that full atmospheric feeling. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. It might blow your mind if you’re not ready.


So strap yourselves up because this year’s March Madness is going to be wild! With the top ranked teams getting beat on a regular basis throughout the regular season, they’ll sure be plenty of upsets to go around. So be ready and fill out your bracket in the craziest way possible. I predict that your bracket will be more on point, the crazier it is. Can’t wait for March!!